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snails r sexy
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snails Hans Fjellestad - Snails R Sexy [2007/Accretions, ALP041]
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"Fjellestad is a master of analogue synthesis. 'Snails R Sexy' manages somehow to merge the famously warm and tactile nature of the Moog with more current-sounding elements of sonic abstraction and edgy noise. There's some of the manic energy of Keiji Haino's recent electronic work here, but at times it gives way to moments of surprising spontaneous delicacy that recall the synth improvisations of Thomas Lehn." - The Wire

stone Donkey - Stone [2007/Accretions, ALP043]
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"Donkey nurture the spontaneity, the improvisation, the need to force out some fresh abomination, that marks the best of the scene." - The Wire

klh Hans Fjellestad - Kobe Live House [2006/Accretions, ALP038]
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"The musical style ranges from fairly accessible piano lines to staggering, dagger assaults of synthwork. The blend of organic and electronic and mildly experimental and wildly avant garde makes for a bracing listen... Fresh and truly the bearer of a jazz heart, 'Kobe Live House' is strongly urged as a listen for fans of intelligent music." - Raves

hhjm Haco/Fjellestad/Riis/Fernandes - haco hans jakob marcos [2006/Accretions, ALP040]
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"The music will sound like nothing you have heard before. You may actually find it breathtakingly exciting and awe-inspiring, without really being able to say why. But in a time very far from now, your children's children's children's children will play this record in whatever format the future will come up with and think to themselves: 'This is the coolest thing we've ever heard!'" - tokafi

moog ost Moog: Original Film Soundtrack [2004/Hollywood Records]
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"A remarkable celebration of the electronic instrument that revolutionized 20th Century music." - Cinescape

jusco punk Baiyon/Fjellestad - Jusco Punk [2003/Brain Escape Sandwich, besr-003]
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"They organaize 'HADAKA DENKYU NO YORU' is the party, with OORUTAICHI, OVE-NAXX!! It is the session of BAIYON and HANS with LAP TOP SYNTHESIZER. It is not only serious sound but it is pop!!" - Jet Set

33 Hans Fjellestad - 33 [2003/Accretions, ALP032]
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"This has been one of the most rewarding albums I have ever listened to; especially in terms of never really coming to definite grips about its nature, its source, the feelings it elicits. More than simply being able to find new notes each time, Fjellestad has found a way to create a 'slippery music' that makes a mockery of the deductive process. Highly recommended." - DaveX, WDBX 91.1FM

dual res Fjellestad/Kowald/Reason/Robinson - Dual Resonance [2003/Circ-037]
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"Kowald's legacy is in good hands." - Jazz Weekly

fl ost Frontier Life: Banda Sonora [2002/Accretions, ALP031]
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"This CD opens up a whole new field of exploration for lovers of electronic adventure." -Time Out New York

big sur Donkey - Big Sur [2002/Accretions, ALP028]
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"An expansive, never-ending battle of fantastic sounds with references ranging from Morton Subotnick and AMM to '80s harsh noise artists - sometimes, it's hard to believe so much substantial din is emanating from only two people." - Grooves

no stars Trummerflora Collective - No Stars Please [2001/Accretions, ALP022]
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"Rumbling like brown infra-hoses beneath the floor, as synthesized rats gnaw at the cables before encountering a fabulous electrocution by crude amplifier-destined electricity from nuclear power plants thrown out across the prairies like doomsday ice-cream cones of infertility... Trummerflora music!" - Sonoloco

rsb Hans Fjellestad - Red Sauce Baby [2000/Accretions, ALP019]
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"A spicy concoction... refusing to behave itself, it screams, throws things and makes a mess." - The Wire

show Donkey - Show [2000/Accretions, ALP020]
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"Donkey assume the quality of aural graffiti, jagged hints and smeared traces of illicit communication between members of some clandestine network." - The Wire

xmas Fernandes/Fjellestad/Holzborn/Montoya/Radulovich - ...and the reindeer you rode in on [1999/Accretions, ALP016]
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"You guys are just whacked... Just when I was thinking that the Christmas season was all dull along comes '...and the reindeer you rode in on.' We love it!" - Elaine Erb, KGNU 88.5FM


25 [2010/Accretions]
San Francisco Electronic Music Festival 2008 [2008/SFEMF]
The Wire Tapper 14 [2005/The Wire Issue 262]
Trummerflora Collective - Rubble 1 [2004/Accretions/Circumvention, A/C-201]
Track-Whore: Sampling the World for When it Breaks, Vol.2 [2002/Pan Handler Productions]
Track-Whore: Sampling the World for When it Breaks, Vol.1 [2001/Pan Handler Productions]
New Year's Eve 2000: The Archive [2000/Barely Auditable]
Trummerflora 2 [1998/Accretions, ALP012]
Below San Onofre [1992/Vinyl Communications, VC-037]


Satanicpornocultshop - Shoplifter @ Wal-mart , Fundamentalist 59,054,087!!! [2005/Sonore, SON-22]
Conceal - Baptized Troopers [2005/Brain Escape Sandwich Records, besr-06]
Marcelo Radulovich - Hello [2002/Accretions, ALP029]
Marcos Fernandes - Hybrid Vigor [2002/Accretions, ALP027]
Jason Robinson - Tandem [2002/Accretions, ALP025]
Marcelo Radulovich - 2 Brains [1999/Accretions, ALP017]
Sweat Engine - Multiple Insertions [1995/Vinyl Communications, VC-080]


Hans Fjellestad - SPOT [1998/Zu Casa]
Fjellestad/Holzborn - Neon Salon [1997/Zu Casa]
Donkey - Lake [1996/Zu Casa]
Fjellestad/Holzborn - patrioticAnne 74:30 [1993/Digital Child, DCP01]

All compositions and recordings registered with BMI

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